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Whether you are a small business or a thriving enterprise, we are focused on developing solutions that seamlessly integrate into your organization’s environment. At Intrinium, we focus on user outcomes and optimal up-time to ensure your business is productive and profitable. Our Business Solutions are scalable offerings that leverage cutting-edge technology to simplify and secure your business operations.  Since each company is unique, we encourage you to reach out to us to discuss your vision or challenge so, we can provide you with a solution to fit your needs and budget.

Network Solutions

Experiencing network slowdowns and bottlenecks? We can consult, recommend and engineer a variety of solutions to meet any requirement.


Business Data Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Our enterprise level solution for speedy recovery to limit disruption for any kind of incident.


Sharepoint Online Buildout

Maximize collaboration with our strategic approach to business data in Sharepoint and Onedrive to protect sensitive data and maximize business workflows that reduces friction and increases efficiency with your teams.



Simplicity with voice redefined. A digital VOIP solution that leaves on-site appliances in the boneyard. Make and receive phone calls with soft phones right on the computer, or enjoy the flexibility of hard phones with conference room devices, too.


Break Fix

Having an urgent issue? Our team is nimble and quick, and we have a sense of urgency when you’re having pain.



Protect your endpoints with enterprise grade anti-virus solution. Conflict free installation and smooth operation that doesn’t get in the way of business.


Cloud Migrations

Leverage the power of the cloud by moving your applications to the cloud. We can consult, engineer and manage your cloud applications with ease.


In Tune

Azure, Active Directory



Set it and forget it OS and Third Party patching to ensure up to date server and workstations.


Back Ups

A simple, no hardware solution that backs up to the cloud for business continuity and on-prem for servers and workstations. File level restore up to 28 days for accidental deletions. Restore times beyond 28 days are available, too.


Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Trust our experience with complex UPS deployments that factor in current wiring, load, uptime requirements on existing IT infrastructure and future proofing for growth.


WiFi Buildouts

Need to add more Wireless Access Points? Not getting the bandwidth with your current wireless solution? Our experience with many different wireless vendors will help you get to the best solution in the shortest time.


We are here to help, contact us today.

Incident Response Plans: More Planning, Less Panic

In less than one year, we’ve seen whole cities taken out by ransomware with no business continuity or disaster recovery plan in place to bring themselves back up- but it’s not just cities that don’t have a plan for when a catastrophe (digital or physical) hits.
Having a plan to restore business operations will save time, money, and stress, but that’s half the equation.  The other half is to practice the plan, make sure all the moving pieces fit together and make sure everything is practical and timely. Enough businesses have spent six digits or more due to not having an incident response plan- set your business and your industry apart.

Gap Analysis 101

f you have spent any time around information technology or people who work in information security, you have probably heard terms like “risk assessment”, “audit”, and “gap analysis”. Sometimes they are used almost interchangeably. However, each has a specific objective to help stakeholders understand their data environment.

While an audit is used to identify control effectiveness and a risk assessment can identify what controls can be implemented to reduce risk, the gap analysis is designed to do exactly what it states – to identify gaps between the current environment and the organization’s required or desired state. This may be a specific regulatory compliance objective, such as how the organization meets the requirements of the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules or PCI-DSS. In many cases, an organization may want to be able to claim that they are compliant with an information security standard, such as ISO27001. In other instances, the organization may have developed a roadmap for where they plan to be in the future, and want to identify the current progress and next steps. A gap analysis can provide essential feedback for all three examples.

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