2016 Security Trends: Get on the Cloud

2016 Security Trends: Get on the Cloud

Information security is one of the top priorities for most companies because it is so important for customer information as well as company data to be kept private. That is why most businesses are rethinking the way they store data in 2016. If you are looking into ways to help your business grow and how to better protect your data in 2016, then you will want to start by getting on the cloud.

More secure than on-site storage

According to Dark Reading, the cloud is now more secure than having on-site storage for your business, but the problem is that people are not trained in using the cloud. Most companies don’t understand how the cloud works let alone how to keep their information stored in it to protect their data. Even if one person gets trained in how to use the cloud, it seems daunting to figure out how to train a few employees on how to transition to the cloud let alone thousands of employees in a large company. Fortunately, this is a hurdle that can easily be faced with the help from an IT service provider that can come to train your employees whether your company is large or small.

Why is it safer to store in the cloud?

It used to be safer to keep your information on site because there was less of a likelihood of someone breaking in to try and steal it. The cloud wasn’t considered super safe. Since that time, the cloud has been improved significantly, and with the right encryptions, you’ll be able to store all information securely. At the point that the cloud becomes a secure and safe place to store your information, it becomes less safe to store on-site. Not only do you risk the chance of break-ins, but more importantly, you risk the chance of some sort of other disaster stopping you from getting work done. For example, if you lose internet to your business place, you can still access everything you need from home to get all the work done still. If there was a fire or flood that ruined all of your equipment, having it all stored on the cloud allows you to keep working rather than having the disaster destroy your business as well.

Make progress in 2016

This year, focus on getting your business’s information securely put on the cloud as well as getting all of your employees trained on how to use the cloud properly. Use an IT service management company to come in and identify any risks to your information and help train your employees. The IT service provider can also help you determine any upgrades you need to make to your equipment or changes in the use of that equipment to provide more efficiency. Spend 2016 getting your company up to speed, and maybe you’ll even have the chance to beat out your competition.

Source: Dark Reading

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