4 Core Best Practices for IT Solutions and Security Management

4 Core Best Practices for IT Solutions and Security Management

These days, it seems IT security is always on the minds of business owners—and with good reason. No matter if you are a sole-proprietor or an enterprise-level organization, businesses at all ends of the spectrum are increasingly being targeted by ransomware, cyber attacks, and other malicious threats.

Today’s hackers and cyber criminals don’t discriminate against the size of an organization. In fact, they tend to view small and mid-sized businesses—with their minimal security investments and limited IT solutions and defenses—as low-hanging fruit, ripe for the hacker’s picking.

To protect your business’ IT network and infrastructure, you need to integrate a solid plan of IT solutions and IT security protocols. Follow these four core elements to keep your business’ IT security in line with the most innovative managed security services and cloud-based security solutions best practices:

1. Timeliness: Software updating and system patching needs to occur on a regularly scheduled basis. This is probably the easiest and most well-known part of IT security best practices, but without the guidance of a managed security services team, many businesses simply don’t have the resources to keep their updates and patches current.

With a managed IT services provider that specializes in security services, you can expect real-time, regular updates and system patches as a standard part of the package deal.

2. Training: Educating employees in current threats and issues like password protection, BYOD/BYON (Bring Your Own Device/Network) best practices, and social engineering/phishing email detection can help reduce your organization’s vulnerability to security incidents and data breaches as a result of human error.

Most businesses simply don’t have the expertise to conduct meaningful, informative training sessions to keep employees informed as to current security matters. Unfortunately, human error is often the weakest link in a business’ security framework, and educating employees in best practices when it comes to your business’ data security is an investment you can’t afford to leave out of your IT security plan.

3. Testing: Ethical hacking and penetration testing can help evaluate the weak points in your network security by using the same techniques that criminal hackers use to gain unauthorized access and exploit vulnerabilities. When evaluating the security framework of an organization, two attack vectors should be assessed: external attacks that originate outside the network, and internal attacks that occur inside the network perimeter.

4. Technology: Keeping your technology software and infrastructure serviced and up-to-date is an important step in maintaining data center security. In addition to regular maintenance, keep these points in mind to leverage your business’ technology for security best practices:

  • Effective firewalls should be implemented to protect against unauthorized network access—both internally and externally
  • Standardize security protocols for employees that bring their own technology to work
  • Make frequent back-ups a regular part of your security fabric—follow the 3-2-1 rule, with one backup onsite, one offsite, and one in the cloud. Make sure to test your backups to ensure they actually work.
  • Encrypt your business’ sensitive data. In the event that protected information ends up in the wrong hands, it will be that much harder for a cyber criminal to use it to their advantage in a ransomware attack or in an auction on the dark web.

Intrinium’s security experts are highly trained, ethical professionals that specialize in PCI, HIPAA and GLBA. When you work with Intrinium’s managed security services team, you get enterprise security services with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. If you think your business could benefit from a managed security services provider that takes a proactive approach to IT security, contact us for a discovery conversation.

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