4 Mistakes to avoid when in the cloud

4 Mistakes to avoid when in the cloud

The cloud is an amazing tool that can and should be used by every business, but there are a lot of businesses out here who are not using the cloud or are using it incorrectly. The capabilities in the cloud are endless, and it can be really beneficial to use those capabilities for your business. On the other hand, getting sucked into something you don’t necessarily understand could lead to everything getting away from you. Here are 4 mistakes you should avoid when using the cloud.

1. Not working with an expert

One of the first and most common mistakes seen in businesses when working on the cloud is when you do not work with an expert. There are IT managed service providers out there who can set up your cloud services and help you to determine exactly which services are needed for your company. There’s no use in wasting your time trying to figure it all out yourself. You’ll either get yourself in too deep or have no understanding of the tools you are using.

2. Assuming you can use your current design

Whatever you are doing right now might be working for your company, but that doesn’t mean it is going to work when you transition to the cloud. The needs of your company in a physical form are not going to be the same. You may need to have an individual copy of every program you use in your company currently, but in the cloud, you may only need one or two copies to use as a company. An expert can help you to make the transition and update your current design to work efficiently in the cloud and potentially save you money.

3. Only considering costs

A lot of companies switch to the cloud in an effort to save on costs, according to Forbes. Though it is true that the cloud can and most likely will save your company money, it is also not supposed to be completely free. Companies that are trying to use the cloud without paying a dime aren’t going to find success because they are trying to save money without considering the benefits they can have by paying for some cloud programs.

4. Trying to do too much

Many companies decide it is time to transition to the cloud and take a leap right into it. They will just jump in 100% without looking back and assume that everything can be done in the cloud. Before you do too much all at once, consider looking into what your current capabilities are at your company and the current programs you are using. Figure out how those programs are going to be different in the cloud and how they will function for your employees. This is another reason why working with an IT managed service provider can help you so much. When you try to do it yourself, you may find that things aren’t working the way they should and the way you would like them to, but with an expert, they can slowly transition over your company and help you figure out when you are diving in too quickly.


Source: Forbes

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