5 Tips to Help Maintain Best Information Security Practices from the Comfort of your Home

5 Tips to Help Maintain Best Information Security Practices from the Comfort of your Home

Working from home is a newfound normal for many across our country and globe. However, it poses another threat to your company’s information security. Whether your company operates in the cloud or on-premises, these tips will help your company maintain the best security practices.

Protect your Endpoints: Endpoint security is one of the first lines of defense for protecting your information, even though you are not physically in the office. Take a moment to check in on your updates, ensure your devices are still patching, providing anti-virus, monitoring, and ideally apply additional protections like DNS filtering.

Monitor Cloud Technologies: Every business utilizes a variety of technologies to optimize productivity and streamline processes. It is vital to ensure baselines for normal activity are updated. This will continue to ensure that the channels connected to your endpoints are not avenues for malicious actors to access your business.

Protect Sensitive Information: When it comes to sensitive information, we recommend taking an extra precaution to ensure that your information is as safe and secure as possible. Make use of DLP/information protection services to categorize and protect your data.

Use Secure Communications: Whenever possible, use integrated and secure technologies for communications, such as Microsoft Teams. This will help to ensure that your internal and external communications are as safe and secure as possible.

Educate your Team: It is vital to ensure your team has received awareness training around COVID-19. We have seen several phishing attempts and scams occurring due to the pandemic. Malicious actors are looking for an opportunity to capitalize on an unsuspecting victim who may have opened a timely email or call.

If you need assistance on how to ensure technology is securely keeping your business running, please reach out – we are here to help!

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