Application virtualization: The next big thing

Application virtualization: The next big thing

If you are looking to move your company into the future, then you will want to keep up with the newest trends. Technology is taking over the business world, and a good portion of business owners are starting to see the value in virtualization. Whether it is remote desktop or server virtualization, it can benefit you greatly to get your current on-site setups for your employees put into the cloud. One of the newest trends that is sure to pay off big for your company is application virtualization.

What is it?

You may be wondering what it even means to say application virtualization let alone how to convert your company to using it. The basic idea is that the programs you use exist in the cloud rather than being installed on each computer, which is the traditional way of using programs. Many employees can use a program rather than just one employee, and you don’t have to pay for multiple licenses of the software.

A lot of companies will use application virtualization for programs such as QuickBooks or Microsoft Office, so everyone has the opportunity to use the program without having to get the program downloaded to each individual computer. It also makes it easier to update those programs because you don’t have to send an IT managed service provider on site to every single computer. You can just update the virtual software, and it will update for everyone who is using it. Another great advantage is that you are able to use the programs much quicker because they aren’t being loaded up onto each computer but are being loaded up to a virtual server. It ends up meaning your employees can get work done faster.

Personalization with Citrix and Docker

When you speak with your IT managed service provider, they will likely work with companies such as Citrix and Docker to get your application virtualization to the level that works for your business. The Citrix website defines the company as one that powers “business mobility through secure, mobile workspaces that provide people with instant access to apps, desktops, data and communications on any device, over any network and cloud.” Per the Docker website, “Docker allows you to package an application with all of its dependencies into a standardized unit for software development.” Companies like this make it easier for you to create and personalize your virtual applications in order to ensure you are getting the most for what your employees need. Working with virtual applications will, ultimately, boost employee efficiency and save you money. No more wasting money on hardware and software you don’t need. Get everything you want for all of your employees at the touch of a button.


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