Asus M2N68-AM SE2

For the guys that have been building systems with the Asus M2N68-VM, you will notice that inventory has been drying up. Even does not have them sale anymore. One possible replacement for a low end workstation is the Asus M2N68-AM SE2. It has a similar, but scaled back feature set. They drop HDMI connector, drop from two to one PCI slot, drop the gigabit nic to a 100 Mbit nic and also drop down to two SATA ports from four. The video is a similar 7000 series chip that is compatible out of the box and it does have the same Nvidia nForce 630 Southbridge that just works with Ubuntu Hardy, 8.04. This is the Linux version that we prefer to roll for our Spokane based customers that need computers that just work for their standard web applications and word processing chores. This is another one of those board where everything just works out of the box.


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