Asus M3n78 Pro with Ubuntu Hardy 8.04

Another board that works reasonably well for Ubuntu Hardy is the Asus M3n78 Pro. This board costs quite a bit more money, but it is a full ATX sized motherboard instead of the Micro ATX boards I discussed in a couple of previous posts. Some of the more notable features of this board are the four Memory slots, 3 PCI Slots, 2 PCIe 1x slots, a 16x slot and an integrated Gigabit NIC. This would not be a bad board for a MythTV backend server that you wanted to stick a bunch of disks and recording devices in. In fact, this is the exact board that I rebuilt my home server onto. Everything worked out of the box with this board except for the video which required that I install a newer video driver. The server now runs headless anyway now though.


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