Part 2: Tweet Storm: The Best InfoSec Tweets of July

Part 2: Tweet Storm: The Best InfoSec Tweets of July

Twitter is simply the best place to get #infosec news, gossip, rumors, and updates. Much of the community is alive, well and active on Twitter and, so am I under the handle @hackerhiker (because.. erm.. I hack and I hike). Many people I have spoken to tell me that Twitter is nothing but a wasteland of trolling, sh** posting, partisan rants, and (alleged) Russian bots. Frankly, I think they’d rather get a root canal! Fear not, gentle reader! I wade through the Twitter cesspool so you don’t have to and will present monthly my favorite InfoSec Tweets of the month!  


Mudge Speaks Out

One of the top issues for cybersecurity making news in July was the allegations of Russian hacking in the 2016 US Elections and following indictment. On the heels of this announcement prominent hacker and security expert, Peiter Zatko (aka “Mudge”), released a series of tweets revealing (among other things) how he was contacted by the Democratic party in 2016 to increase security on their communication technology, but his advice was ultimately not acted upon. Advice, it should be noted, would have made the John Podesta email phishing attack far more difficult.

Full tweets included below for your review:


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