BSides Sacramento: The Recap

BSides Sacramento: The Recap


This past weekend, Partner and Advisory CISO, Stephen Heath attended the inaugural BSides event in Sacramento, California. BSides is a national Information Security conference that takes place throughout the nation, it is 100% volunteer organized to continue to keep it accessible to the community. This sold-out event was full of excitement, energy, and fantastic presentations.  


Here are the biggest takeaways from the first year at BSides Sacramento from the desk of Stephen Heath:

  • The Infosec community is thriving in Sacramento. It was exciting to see some many faces working to improve security 
  • The InfoSec community is embracing women in tech! BSides Sac was founded by a woman, keynoted by a woman, and had many women speakers, and a diverse cross-section of attendees.  
  • After years of preaching about the importance of SPF and DMARC records to protection your email domain, it was amazing to see someone talk on the same subject! Stopping phishing starts with protecting who can impersonate you. 
  • Risk management skills are improving. Speakers talked not only about technical aspects of risk but have begun to put InfoSec risks into the context of the business.
  • After many years and many Twitter conversations, it was great to finally meet @sn0ww in person! 


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