Business Continuity Through Remote Operations

Business Continuity Through Remote Operations

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a unique shift in our lives. From families to businesses to first responders, everyone has been impacted. We wanted to send you an update on how we are ensuring our clients are secure, and how we can help your business get set up to allow employees to work remotely.

Ensuring Ongoing Support for Our Clients
We are committed to providing our 24x7x365 support to you and all of our global customers. Our teams are working remotely from their homes and are able to provide their normal service delivery for you in a secure manner. We will still be performing onsite visits to address critical items.

As part of our business model, the majority of how we conduct our operations and the related workload utilize an integrated platform protected by a single-sign-on experience with multi-factor authentication. We are able to ingest and audit security data from these platforms into our monitoring technologies, ensuring that we do not lose visibility into security events occurring in our various cloud-based platforms. We have also deployed our preferred monitoring technologies company-wide that allow our security teams to protect our employees that are not connected to the corporate network because they are full-time remote or were frequent travelers.

Enabling Remote Work for Your Business
We know how important it is to keep your business running, and an important aspect of doing so is the ability of your employees to continue working. By moving your operations to online platforms, you can continue operations by allowing your staff to work from home safely. The key component to online operations is to ensure all platforms are secure. Intrinium is experienced in setting up such operations and built our own business model around doing so. We are proud to partner with firms like Microsoft and Fortinet who are offering technologies for reduced cost or no-cost to combat the global pandemic.

We are ready and able to assist you, or someone you know, with integrating the components necessary to ensure you are provided with secure and resilient business operations. Please feel free to contact us for assistance by calling (866) 461-5099, or completing the request form at

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