Business Security: A Top Priority

Business Security: A Top Priority

One of your top priorities at your company should be your data security. No matter what you do in your line of business, there will always be people out there trying to steal information, especially if you are storing client data they can use to their advantage. You may not even realize that you could penalized if you aren’t protecting customer information as actively as the government thinks you should, so there is even more reason to ensure your security is managed properly. Fortunately, you can use a managed IT security service to take care of it for you.

Wendy’s learning the hard way

Wendy’s recently opened an investigation into a potential security threat and has hired a security firm to look into the issues to determine the problem and how to fix it. Apparently, there were cards used legitimately at Wendy’s and then later used for fraudulent charges elsewhere, according to NBC News. Wendy’s is unsure of what exactly happened and is hoping for a quick investigation, so the problem can be resolved. Rather than being reactive in situations like this, it is much better if you are proactive and protect from loss of private data in the first place.

Similar thefts have been happening at many major corporations, including a high profile one at Target and one at Home Depot. It seems that many companies that think they are protected end up being less protected than they think when it comes down to it and they have to prove themselves. Don’t be like the other guys. Set yourself apart by getting your security taken care of right now.

Staying above the law

When it comes to protecting consumer information, the government is very strict, especially when it comes to the healthcare and banking industry. It is your responsibility to know the laws associated with your industry and ensure all your information is being stored and processed as it should be, which is one way a managed IT security service can help you.

Get your business security on track

If you need to get your business security on track, the best way to go is to work with a managed IT security service. This kind of service can come in, survey your current system, look for any holes, and work with you to determine the best security possible for your line of work. This will include discussions about legalities when securing customer information as well as finding any kind of current holes in the system. A managed IT security service is a top priority and will be proactive to prevent little things from falling through the cracks that you never expected.

SourceNBC News

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