Can IT project management work for your business?

Can IT project management work for your business?

Small and medium-sized businesses don’t always have the necessary resources when it comes to handling a large IT project. When businesses realize they’re not up to the task, they’ll typically bring in a third party to remotely manage the project. There are a few key benefits to be gained with remote project management:

  • Lower project costs because the managed IT service already has the necessary technology
  • Improved work/life balance for everyone involved
  • Increased efficiency due to decreased travel time of those working on the project
  • Better results due to greater expertise

Of course, remote project management isn’t without its difficulties. There are things that can go wrong when a project is being managed remotely. That’s why it’s important that businesses consider these four things when preparing for a remotely managed project.

Productivity degradation

When people are working on a project remotely, there’s a greater chance of those involved losing motivation and slowing down in productivity. To avoid this, only work with the best IT project management companies. You should only consider teaming up with a company that has the experience, expertise, and the results-oriented independent IT professionals that you’ll need.

Location, distance, or time zone issues

There can be scheduling problems when people are working from different time zones. One solution is to choose an IT project management company in the same area as your business. But if you are working with those outside your time zone it’s important to establish the availability of those involved in the project and determine the times that everyone will be available simultaneously.

Communication barriers

Perhaps the biggest setback to remotely managed IT projects is the lack of face-to-face communication. There’s a certain dynamic that’s lost when team members can’t gauge facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice. But remotely managed projects can still be a success if team members are good about staying in contact, having regular meetings where everyone involved can participate via video conference.

Technology, data access, and security issues

For a successful project, it’s crucial that everyone on the team has the necessary technology and tools available. Projects can get off course if team members can’t access data they need when they need it. But IT project groups also need to be careful when sharing sensitive data with each other over long distances that they don’t open themselves up to security breaches and lost data. Everyone involved needs to have the necessary tools and technology and everyone must understand the security protocols for the project.

So to answer the question, “Can IT project management work for my business?” Yes, and there are many advantages to working with a third party to remotely manage your IT project. Just make sure that you’re taking these four things into consideration and you’ll have a successful project.


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