Cloud based technology and why you need it

Cloud based technology and why you need it

For years, we have relied heavily on servers including all data computing and storing of important information. That has changed in the last couple of years as cloud capabilities have increased significantly allowing us to do more than ever through online databases instead of through servers. In fact, you can run an entire business completely in the cloud, which is really awesome for companies that are looking to allow more telecommunication, working while on the road, or even to prevent data from loss in the event your servers are permanently damaged. Many companies are making the switch over to the cloud. Intel and competitors have geared up to take on the extra business. And there’s plenty of good reasons to get your business on board.

Intel on board with the cloud

Companies such as Intel have been working hard to provide more for businesses and individuals who are working in the cloud. According to Recode, Intel has put a huge focus on the cloud announcing this week that it has a Xeon server CPU optimized for analytics with 24 independent cores. The company has been gearing up to give more support to cloud infrastructure recognizing how essential the cloud is to our future. Other competitors have also been putting huge pushes in that same direction trying to follow Intel’s lead and offer options to consumers.

Data computing in the cloud

Being able to access the cloud for data computing has had huge implications for businesses that have previously been running through data servers. Because the cloud capacity is infinite, people are able to access huge amounts of data in a much faster time, increasing efficiency and making it easier than ever to product big data results. For business, this means running programs that might have taken hours previously will take much less time. Employees can get back to work faster instead of sitting at their computers waiting for the programs to run their course.

This also means you can run heavy-duty programs while away from the office without worrying about it either crashing the server for those who are still working at the office. Businesses can set the programs to run and head home for the night knowing their results will be ready and waiting for them in the morning.

Never update a program again

Another huge reason why people are switching over to using programs on the cloud is because it means you never have to sit through updates again. It is a huge waste of time and money to spend hours once a month going through the office and updating the programs on everyone’s computers. Though in the past, it has been a necessary evil, it is completely unnecessary with the cloud. Ultimately, using the cloud in your personal or business life will save a lot of time and increase efficiency. At the end of the day, you are going to be able to save yourself a lot of money.

Source: Recode

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