Cloud Storage Worries Businesses

Cloud Storage Worries Businesses

Everyone is talking about the advantages of the cloud, and some are noticing the risks. Despite the fact, that almost all businesses have moved all or some of their data, storage, and services to the cloud, many are still skeptical.

In a recent survey of organizations across the US and UK, 81 percent reported that they are concerned with sensitive information being put on the cloud. Another report stated that 69 percent of surveyed IT leaders were worried that cloud providers do not sufficiently protect information with enabling security technologies. It appears that these companies’ hesitations are preventing them from fully enjoying the benefits of the cloud, but are those hesitations reasonable?

Risks of Cloud Storage

One major security risk is the fact that by using the cloud, a business is trusting someone else with their data. A third party cloud host will have full access to what is stored in their online archives. A business and its employees are going to know best what information is sensitive and private, but a third party source will only know what is told to them. While they will lose out if anything in the cloud gets hacked, the cloud host won’t be the ones who have their data and information at risk. Will cloud-stored information be susceptible to cyberattacks, government intrusion, or insider threats? Those are some of the worries that businesses have in moving to the cloud.

The Undeniable Future of the Cloud

While there might be drawbacks to transitioning a business to the cloud, some of those drawbacks are going to have to be ignored, but maybe just for now. The truth is this: the cloud is the way of the future, and rather, it’s the way of now. 89 business managers believe that business efficiency and success will grow as employees are able to have constant access to business information and strategies. There’s a definite advantage to cloud services, for any business big or small. Some of those benefits, many of them cost-related, are too big to ignore.

The Expected Advances to Cloud Security

One thing is certain: the more popular something is, the more attention it gets. Because more and more people and businesses are moving to the cloud, more and more people are working to improve cloud space. The risks are known, so cloud providers are working to maximize security and efficiency when it comes to cloud access and use. So while businesses are worrying about the dangers of the cloud, they should also realize that the cloud will work to make improvements to tighten security and enhance its protection. So as more and more businesses move to the cloud, the cloud can work on improving, and both the cloud and businesses will benefit.

Source: Business Solutions

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