Cloud to save lives, literally

Cloud to save lives, literally

The cloud is an amazing thing because it allows us to store and process data much faster than ever before. Instead of having to have huge servers with the most updated software equipment, a company can use the cloud. It has an infinite amount of space for storing data and cloud computing is faster than processing data on a hard drive. That is why a team of scientists at the University of Missouri have been working on visual cloud computing programs that can quickly process information in disaster scenarios.

What the program can do

When first responders are heading to a disaster, it is often a shot in the dark as to where they should be heading first or what they will find when they get there. The data is there through satellite imaging and data that is streaming in via security cameras, but we haven’t been able to process that data quick enough to give first responders a heads up on what to expect previously. With the new visual cloud computing programs being developed, we’d be able to process the data more quickly giving more information to emergency personnel much faster, according to Science Daily.

This would also make it easier for emergency responders to have a better idea of what caused emergencies, whether manmade or natural disasters. The program can put together pieces of the puzzle that people may not be able to see as quickly. Emergency services are fed mass amounts of information to try and find answers, but a human just can’t get through all that information quickly enough sometimes. A person sifting through images, calls, and videos may not be as efficient or effective as a computer programmed to look for specific details in all the information that has been received.

Cloud computing to revolutionize business

New programs are being put in the cloud every day making it easier for everyone to get the information they need quickly. It isn’t something that will just help save lives faster in emergencies; it is also a great way for businesses to become more efficient. Companies that do large amounts of data processing and reporting can benefit in the same way as emergency services because information will be processed more quickly. It is also easier to store more information for your business in the cloud because space is, essentially, unlimited.

Though people are often concerned about the security of cloud systems and data, it is not a concern. The more advanced we are getting with the cloud capabilities, the more advanced our security is getting to protect that information. The government has been passing laws to help protect from cyber crime as well. Including laws that allow businesses to start sharing information about attacks with each other while also giving harsher punishments to those caught committing cybercrime offenses.

Source: Science Daily

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