Cloud SolidCloud Computing & Hosting Services

Cloud services can be an excellent alternative to purchasing, hosting and managing your own hardware and software. For a monthly fee, organizations can reduce upfront capital expenditures and management costs. Cloud computing offers many features that allow organizations to reduce their IT complexity.

Cloud Servers

Intrinium hosts our own high-performance highly reliable compute cloud capable of hosting any workload. We also offer full server management and we will tailor packages to your exact needs.

Email & Calendar Sharing

Most businesses are using email as a primary communication channel with customers, colleagues and suppliers. But many companies stop there, missing out on productivity-boosting features like shared calendars, contact information and files.

Virtual Desktop

Access your full business workstation from anywhere! Our virtual desktop solutions put your desktop online. You can work from the office, from home, or from the beach with all the same tools you use every day.

Cloud Backups

Data loss can be devastating to a business. Intrinium’s data backup, offsite disaster recovery, and business continuity solutions are designed to ensure your business keeps running, no matter what happens.

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