Cloud Servers

Intrinium hosts our own high-performance highly reliable compute cloud in our secure data center.

Many organizations today are realizing the cost and labor savings of outsourcing their IT infrastructure. Intrinium’s compute cloud is capable of hosting any workload, from a single file server up to a highly available multi-tier web app with failover, load-balancing and other advanced features. Hosting servers in the cloud allows your application to rapidly scale to meet new demand.

Cloud Servers are available as a self-service option, as a solution 100% professionally managed by Intrinium or your choice of anywhere in between. Our self-service management portal allows you to provision and manage your servers, manage your network connectivity and generally manage your entire environment. Our engineers are always available to help design and implement a reliable, scalable architecture.


Rapidly Scale – change the size of individual machines or add/remove machines
No hardware maintenance
Intrinium has redundant high bandwidth, low latency connections
Intrinium has engineers on staff that can rapidly respond to any issues

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