Our data center features redundant bandwidth via dedicated fiber and backup wireless connection. This is paired with battery backups and natural gas generator for power. The data center features 2 factor authentication and 24-7 security.

We can colocate almost any need, from a single 1U server to an entire server array or dedicated cabinet.Colocation

Intrinium’s colocation services include:

  • On-site backup generator
  • Climate controlled facility
  • Redundant internet connectivity with seamless failover
  • 24/7 Two-factor Access Control
  • Recorded Video surveillance
  • 24/7/365 Network Monitoring
  • Multi-home Internet backbone
  • Secured cabinets available
  • Managed firewalls available
  • Customer email/text alerts available

Access to the data center:

Access is provided to you 24/7/365. You will be provided keys and alarm codes to the data center entrance.

All entries into and out of the building after hours are logged by the alarm company. In addition, we provide server monitoring of your equipment with pager or SMS notification in the event the box is down.  We have technicians that are “on call” at all times after hours.  Other clients are strictly prohibited from touching any other servers and only specific employees at Intrinium have server-room access. We employ video monitoring and IDS equipment in our facility as well.

About our bandwidth:

Our bandwidth is provided by fiber optic cable and a backup symmetrical wireless connection. We have connectivity from multiple tier one backbone Internet providers and our system uses both connections in real time, choosing seamlessly the fastest route for connections.

Technicians on-site:

We have an experienced network/server management team assembled with decades of professional experience. We monitor security based web sites and e-mail lists to keep comprised of the latest in network and server security issues. We take security very seriously and work to keep our machines as secure as we can keep them.

Our full time engineers on staff are available 24x7 to facilitate your hands-on requests for any colocated hardware.

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