Connecting to your remote cam with mplayer

We install a lot of outdoor cams for various reasons. Security cameras for construction sites, Several ski resort outdoor camera solutions, and in store security camera systems to name a few.  One of the fun things we’ve done here was a job to play a multi-media loop in a ski lodge. The resort wanted pictures, videos, and live shots from the camera on the hill.

We found an easy solution to playing the live video in mplayer. We used an Ubuntu 8.10 Hardy install on a laptop to drive the presentation that was programmed in python.

mplayer -fps 25 -demuxer lavf -user <cam username> -passwd <cam password> http://<cam ip or dns name>/axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi?0.mjpg

This will connect to web based video cams; axis and stardot netcams have been tested.

If you have any questions regarding outdoor cameras for your business or location please call us at 509-465-1234 or visit our main site at

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