Considering a Move to Managed IT Services? Here’s 5 Reasons Why it Makes Sense For Your Business

Considering a Move to Managed IT Services? Here’s 5 Reasons Why it Makes Sense For Your Business

Many small to medium-sized businesses opt to handle IT services internally for peace of mind — after all, it’s nice knowing that you have someone available in-house if anything goes wrong. Yet the perceived advantages of this approach aren’t quite so clear upon closer examination.

The truth is that with today’s technology, downtime is relatively rare; keep people on staff, and you pay them to do a lot of waiting. On the flip side of that equation, most managed IT services providers guarantee 99-percent uptime, making the “security” offered by internal solutions less relevant.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at why managed IT is often the smarter choice for small to medium-sized business.

Access to comprehensive, cutting-edge tools

A carpenter is only as good as his tools, and the same holds true for IT services. Running a full in-house IT department requires a significant outlay in terms of things such as monitoring applications, ticketing software, anti-virus programs and other management tools and software. Acquiring and maintaining a comprehensive toolbox is an expensive task. It’s also time-consuming, as you’ll need to stay on top of updates and upgrades. Partner with a managed IT services provider and you’ll have access to their toolbox, saving you considerable time and money.

Lower and more predictable costs

We’ve discussed the expense of tools — yet what about the costs of recruiting, on-boarding, training and employing an internal IT staff? These processes take time and money, and the cost of full-time employee availability often stretches into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Businesses choosing to opt for managed services gain cost certainty by spreading out these expenses from month-to-month. Upfront costs are scaled back dramatically — and your business can focus on high-value tasks with the time previously dedicated to personnel management.

Access to beneficial relationships

Strong relationships are vitally important for growing businesses. Yet it’s more difficult to cultivate these bonds if you opt for a small, in-house IT solution. Managed IT service providers work with a variety of vendors and have longstanding relationships with them. When it’s time to quickly push an order through or negotiate better terms, these kinds of relationships are invaluable.

An unparalleled skill set

True expertise is a major competitive advantage in any field. By opting to team up with a managed IT services provider your business gains access to a deep bench of skills and tools.. Managed services providers such as Intrinium work in a wide array of environments with diverse clients. They have the necessary experience to adeptly handle critical downtime issues, security threats, phishing scams and customer issues, while also keeping patching, anti-virus and backup solutions running healthy. In-house solutions rarely deliver this level of demonstrated experience and expertise.

Structural consistency

You’ve heard the old adage that “practice makes perfect?’ That’s a good description of the way that managed services providers optimize their processes to ensure each client is served efficiently and securely. Managed services providers offer the same structure as a full, conventional IT department: Everything is documented and all paperwork is on file. When a technician helps you identify and solve a problem, they have instant access to your history and can quickly resolve the issue in most cases.

The takeaway

Businesses partnering with managed IT services providers gain access to a variety of powerful competitive advantages. Please consider the information outlined above when making your next IT services decision.

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