Cybercriminals attack seasonally

Cybercriminals attack seasonally

Technology keeps progressing, and so do our cybercriminals. They know exactly how and when to target us and what to do to get into our computers. The most recently discovered focus? People looking for quick and easy ways to lose weight before putting on summer clothes and swimwear.

Online security risks for dieting

A study done by MSI International, commissioned by Intel Security, found that many people between the ages of 21 and 54 focus their online searches on quick and easy ways to lose weight as summer approaches, according to the International Business Times. Because cybercriminals know this is a common topic on people’s minds at the time, you’ll see more suspicious advertisements and emails about weight loss that, when clicked, will put dangerous malware on your computer.

The study showed that over half of all people surveyed were willing to give a website or service their full name, email address, and and age in order to get their diet tips. On top of that, 37% of people surveyed were more willing to click on an ad that appeared to be endorsed by a celebrity.

What this means for your business

As a business trying to protect all of your personal and private information, it is important that you understand a lot of malware gets on computers through employees who are browsing the internet on their break. Educating your employees on the types of advertisements not to click will protect both them and your business from malware. They aren’t going to click on apps that give the company malware issues on purpose. They are going to do it not realizing what a real problem it could be for the company.

Unfortunately, that may not be enough given that your employees will still have the ability to click on whatever they want while surfing the web. Talk to professionals on the best type of cyberware to get on all your computers to protect data from these types of attacks. They will know exactly what it takes to protect your systems while at the same time allowing enough access for your employees to get their jobs done.

In the event that you have already seen malware appear on your company computers due to employees clicking on phishing ads, you’ll need to get that taken care of immediately as well. Professionals can help you get rid of any malware that may currently be on your server while they are there installing the right antivirus software to protect you in the future.

Protect yourself personally as well

On a personal level, you’ll want to make sure your personal computers and mobile devices are protected as well, especially if you access your business from home. This is another way cybercriminals can get into your business’s private information as well as getting all your personal information. Protect yourself by talking to your family about suspicious ads and get a strong antivirus put on your personal devices. Business professionals can help you do this as well.

Source: International Business Times

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