Cybersecurity important no matter your company size

Cybersecurity important no matter your company size

When it comes to protecting your business and the information that you have stored, it is important that you do everything you can to prevent cybercriminals from attacking. Though it is true that criminals are more likely to go after large, established businesses, small companies are still at risk for attack. On top of that, it is much easier to get a cybersecurity plan in place and established while still small. Uber has known this all along, which is why it has focused from the beginning on protecting itself online.

Uber’s plan for success

One of the things that Uber has planned for from the very beginning is protecting their drivers and customers from any potential loss of information. It has been easier working with a Millennial demographic because the younger generation tends to understand the importance of cybersecurity more and are willing to put protections in place. According to ZDNet, Uber’s goal is to ensure cybersecurity is a basic part of the company instead of an afterthought when realized that criminals might attack.

Part of the plan at Uber has been to focus on protecting from cyber crime since the very beginning. The company recognized that it was better to have a plan in place that could grow with the company rather than waiting for the first attack and then finding ways to protect from it. Though the company itself has a lot of protections in place to prevent an information leak, the bigger problem is that a lot of people using Uber may not be protecting themselves by using strong enough passwords or using file sharing.

The only way to really help prevent this problem is through sharing knowledge and teaching privacy to customers and drivers. Uber has held volunteer conferences and is working to ensure everyone who is a part of the Uber network knows how to protect themselves and the people they are working with from having information stolen.

How your company should follow suite

Most large businesses already know they are high on the list for cybercriminals to attack and have put measures in place to protect themselves and customers from attacks. But your small business should ensure these protections as well. Most people intend to grow their businesses, and as you grow, you’ll see more and more issues with internet security. Cybercrime is growing, and the more criminals there are, the more likely they are to hit your company.

Another way to follow Uber is through educating your customers on how to protect themselves from having information stolen. Though an IT Management company will definitely help ensure their safety while using your online portals, there’s nothing you can do to prevent them from getting hacked if a cybercriminal steals their password information. Ensure your password requirements are strong and that your customers understand why it is so important to have a strong password for everything they do. Once you’ve put a strong security system in place to protect your business, all you can do is educate customers to help them protect themselves.

Source: ZDNet

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