Cybersecurity: More threats than professionals

Cybersecurity: More threats than professionals

The world is changing, and your business is likely changing with it. Everyone is switching to the cloud because it offers more accessibility and security for your company, but the drawback might be safety in the cloud. The problem isn’t that it is impossible to secure data in a business; it is that there are not enough professionals getting the education and learning about cybersecurity to keep every business safe.

More attacks than ever

Attacks on business information used to be fairly difficult because it meant physically getting into a business to steal their information or being close enough to get on their server. With the information all being in the cloud, thieves can steal information from the comfort of their own home if they are smart enough. That is why there has been such a huge increase in attacks in the last few years. It used to be we’d get about 25 attacks a day, according to Mercury News, but that has increased to 500,000 threats a day in a short period of time. There are more people sitting at home trying to steal your information and fewer people working to stop them from doing it.

Not enough jobs being filled

Even with all the people who are studying IT work and going through great programs to help in the industry, there just aren’t enough cybersecurity experts who are able to take the positions. Part of the problem is how much experience and expertise is needed to get in to that kind of position; there just aren’t enough qualified individuals who can take the position. Mercury News points towards a Stanford study suggesting 200,000 cybersecurity jobs are going unfilled right now, and worldwide, it is anticipated that there over 1 million jobs missing qualified applicants. Even though the jobs pay more than regular IT jobs, people just don’t have the experience or haven’t studied enough to get the positions, which is making it hard for businesses to get the security that they really need while in the cloud.

Artificial Intelligence

It is anticipated that with more machine learning and artificial intelligence, we’ll be able to stop a lot of cybersecurity threats without having a person manage it. The problem is that you can train a machine to protect from current, known threats, but it may not be possible to train the machine against threats that are new and upcoming, whereas a human would have the ability to find and manage future threats.

The solution: IT management services

If your company was looking to hire a cybersecurity expert and has been having trouble getting it filled, the solution may be to outsource to an IT management services company. Those companies usually have an easier time filling their positions because they pay more and offer a wide variety of job opportunities as well as training in those specific fields of study. They have more expertise in their company than you’d get with just one cybersecurity professional at your office, and they have seen more threats than you can possibly imagine.


Source: Mercury News

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