The Deep Dark Resource Guide

The Deep Dark Resource Guide

By Stephen Heath – VP of Security – Intrinium   

Exploring the Darknets – Reference Material

Poking around the Darknet is something I have found to be routinely useful if you are interested in what the criminal element is up to and/or work in the Information Security industry. The strange nature of it mixed with media hype also make it a curiosity for many. In fact, after each time I have given the talk, I’ve had a few people approach and ask how to get on the Darknet.

For those people, I’ve put together a collection of resources that you might find handy. That said it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

I’m presenting this information for educational purposes with a couple of strong warnings:

  1. You may get hacked. I make no guarantee as to your safety when browsing the Darknet or going to any of these links.
  2. You may see things you can’t unsee. You will probably see things that are NSFW or even NSFL if you keep browsing the Darknet. Seriously. I’m not joking.
  3. Do not do illegal stuff.

For obvious reasons, I do not include any direct links to Darknet Marketplaces, etc.

You’re on your own for that!

Where to start: To get on the Darknet, you’ll need the Tor Browser. You can obviously just download this and get going, but I would recommend that you take a moment to read the Dark Web Beginners Security Guide. This does work from a place of “tinfoil hat” paranoia, but you really can never be too safe. If you are concerned about your anonymity in the slightest while browsing, this is also another phenomenal resource: How To Access the Notorious Dark Web Anonymously (10 Step Guide). Beyond that, hit up the Hidden Wiki or Deep Web Links and have fun (but stay safe!)

How To Access the Notorious Dark Web Anonymously (10 Step Guide)
Dark Web Beginners Security Guide

Tor Browser
Tails Distro
Hidden Wiki

Doxed: how Sabu was outed by former Anons long before his arrest 
The Untold Story of the Silk Road, Part I
The Untold Story of the Silk Road, Part II
US, Europol, and the Netherlands Announce Shutdowns of Two Massive Dark Web Markets
Alleged Dark Web Kingpin Doxed Himself With His Personal Hotmail Address
This Open Source Tool Can Map Out Bitcoin Payments
Update Now – Critical TorMoil Vulnerability Found in Tor Browser




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