Defcon 2019: The Intrinium Edition

Defcon 2019: The Intrinium Edition

This is #Defcon2019 through the eyes of eleven of our team members. Each year, the Intrinium team spends a week in Las Vegas at what is known as #HackerSummerCamp, which includes #Defcon, #BlackHat and #Bsides. The week-long experience helps to engage, enrich and develop the skill sets of our staff. Unlike other industry conferences, this is a unique experience for our team to learn in a non-traditional environment, engage with some of the brightest and boldest in the business and learn about what is really happening in the world of cybersecurity.

We invite you to read a bit more about the conference and some of the biggest takeaways of 2019

Augusto Melo, Information Security Analyst

They say the best way to learn is by experience, and that everything is better when done with friends. takes the best of both in a four days journey through what is most exciting in IT, InfoSec and more. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are; Defcon will surely have something for you. Through all the talks, workshops, and villages, it is almost impossible to reach Sunday without having expanded your horizons, learned valuable skills, and made new friends. In all, Defcon is a truly remarkable and unique experience every year.

Stephen Heath, Partner, and Advisory CISO

Community. This year’s Defcon was a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with teammates and peers from around the world. Traveling as much as I have this year to help our clients, I didn’t know just how much I needed to see everyone! Building on the theme of community, it also felt like the most diverse Defcon, that I’ve seen in my 10 years. I saw more people of color, women, and LGBT hackers than ever before. Both of these were great reminders that when it comes to security, we are all in this together! #HackThePlanet

Kylie Martonik, Manager, Security Consulting

Defcon 2019 marked my 7th year in Vegas for Hacker Summer Camp. The number of people was overwhelming, it was truly wonderful to see such robust attendance. I truly appreciated the talks, the most notable was the discussion with congress members on security and politics, the talk on Tor and the censorship battle, and another by a friend of mine releasing a tool called Binee. Hacker Jeopardy and Who’s Slide is it anyway is always hilarious and outrageous, this year did not disappoint. And, ask always the badges were dynamic but, this year they were especially beautiful, they were Quartz over electronics, magnificent.

Some of the highlights of the conference were the talks on Social Media manipulation, and how corporations and other entities are paying for our data so they can target us with specific ads and viewpoints. The primary purpose of this talk though was discovering the network of people paying for Likes and Follows on platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

Johnathan Dunlap, Information Security Associate

The other talk that I attended was on Tor Censorship Arms Race. Essentially, countries are fighting very strongly to make anonymity a thing of the past, and we as a security community, and as voting people, should be strongly opposed to this. They detailed many different activities countries had taken against Tor, like throttling SSL and other services. The final talk that I attended was on a Demo on the Bounties one company had collected by accessing root shells on Fortigate and Pulse Secure Firewalls, as well as Twitter’s infrastructure. I appreciated the experience of hearing it firsthand, enjoying the community, cool demos at the villages and talks.


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