Advancing Technology and Optimizing Productivity for Dental Practices, Part 1

Advancing Technology and Optimizing Productivity for Dental Practices, Part 1

Part 1

In today’s connected world, no business can operate without technology while remaining competitive. Technology can solve many problems for organizations, such as providing easier ways to communicate with your patients or by providing your staff the tools needed to perform their tasks as efficiently as possible, leading to increased productivity.

To ensure best practices, optimal productivity, and uptime, we have seen the most success with the following tools:

The Microsoft 365 Suite includes Outlook for email, Teams direct message platform, Sharepoint for secure file sharing and more. We recommend Microsoft 365 to our dental clients as a simple, integrated solution that can support both the front and backend of your business.

Fortinet NextGen Firewalls and Switches are our go-to for defending networks with patient data. Their cutting-edge technology aligned with Intrinium’s Security Operation Center gives your network the vigilance you need to protect your patients.

Our Managed Detection and Response Service ensures the ongoing detection and response to threats around your operations and patient data, meeting HIPAA compliance needs.

We also understand the challenges technology can bring. Just as teeth require maintenance through consistent hygiene habits, technology must also be maintained to ensure it not only functions at optimal levels but is also protected against vulnerabilities and other risks that could impact the business and your patients. At Intrinium, it is our goal to be your partner to support your technology and ensure that it meets the needs of your practice while also providing a service that follows consistent processes and procedures so that you know what to expect when help is needed most.

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