Advancing Technology and Optimizing Productivity for Dental Practices, Part 2

Advancing Technology and Optimizing Productivity for Dental Practices, Part 2

Part 2

As your partner, we pledge to have clear communication and transparent pricing. Why? Technology is complicated enough, you do not need to try to decipher a complex invoice.

We build trusting relationships where candid conversations are critical to a successful partnership. Operations grow, teams expand, and your IT partner needs to be willing, able, and available to support your business as you evolve.

We provide a clear understanding of the effort required to manage your technology in a way that meets your needs. We are transparent throughout the entire on-boarding and management process; we believe getting started on the right foot allows us to navigate appropriately in the rare event something unexpected occurs.

We not only have experts available to manage your company’s needs but also to advise on other aspects of technology. Just as patients bring dental hygiene questions to your staff, Intrinium is ready and able to address your technology and business security questions. Whether it’s about how to begin planning for a practice expansion from a technology perspective, what the latest cybersecurity risks are, or how HIPAA applies to dentistry, we have the experts available to help you navigate those questions and address them in ways that fit your practice.

At the end of the day, Intrinium understands your patients drive your business and that their experience is key in ensuring they come back for their next checkup We understand your patient’s experience is critical to establishing a trusted and supportive relationship with your practice, we strive to provide support from the waiting room to operatory to everything in between. From informative screens that display check-in information or key highlights about your business to multiple screens to stream entertainment to while a patient is in the operatory, we have options to take your patient’s experience to the next level.

By partnering with Intrinium, you can rest easy knowing that the technology that supports your practice is taken care of by experts who understand your needs and enable you to focus on your staff, patients, and business. Are you ready to explore Stability for Dental IT?

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