Enhance Business IT Security In 4 Easy Steps

Enhance Business IT Security In 4 Easy Steps

The number, type, and depth of cybersecurity attacks are continuing to increase year over year. From the infamous 2017 data breach at Equifax to the 17,000 small and medium sized businesses that experience cyberattacks throughout each year, one thing is certain: unless your IT security is  tightly planned and organized, you, your employees, your clients, and your business are at risk. In fact, it is this very risk that has caused 75 percent of businesses to begin investing more in their IT security. The only question that remains is, “have you taken the following four steps to improve your information security?”

Step #1. Use A Better Firewall

The first step towards improving business security from cyber threats is to use an advanced firewall. Before you think about skipping this step (or saying, “but I just installed a firewall last year”), just having a firewall won’t stop the bad guys. Have you considered your security stance? Outbound and inbound firewall policies provide a security stance that will stop malware, ransomware and data theft before it’s ever a problem. As hackers become more advanced in their efforts, it is important to protect your network; servers, workstations, network infrastructure and data.Not only should these firewalls be installed, but they should be actively managed and monitored so that they can continue to protect your valuable business assets.

Step #2. Don’t Skimp On Managing Your Antivirus Software

Did you know that dozens of new viruses are created every single day? With the increasing number of viruses, it is important that each of your employees update the antivirus software on their computers on a constant basis. Remember that all it takes is for one computer to be comprised and suddenly your entire business is put at risk. In addition to asking your employees to keep their antivirus software(s) up to date, you can also leverage the power of a centrally managed antivirus solution, which will automatically ensure that all workstations are running the latest versions of your selected antivirus software.

Step #3. Educate Your Employees

Accidental employee error is one of the top reasons for data breaches. Unfortunately even when they are armed with this knowledge, far too many businesses still fail to spend the time needed to properly educate their employees on IT security best practices. With this in mind, your employees should receive at least bi-quarterly security training. This training should include a section on spotting phishing scams and social media malware, so that employees can more readily recognize when they think their computer, phone, or tablet might have been infected with a virus. Through early detection you can more effectively stop the spread of a data breach before it has infected your entire business.

Step #4. Fix Any Security Gaps With Managed Patching

Security gaps can quickly be resolved with patches. In fact, popular operating systems, such as Microsoft, regularly release patches as soon as they become aware of a potential (or existing) security gap. Just as all workstations should boast up to date antivirus software, so too should their operating systems be updated with the latest patches. Once again, the easiest way to ensure that operating systems remain up to date is to adopt a proactive mentality by using a centrally managed solution that automatically installs the latest security patches across all workstations.

The Bottom Line: Managed IT Services Leads To Planned Security

If you want to protect your business from the growing number of cyberattacks, then you should plan on investing in a managed IT service provider, such as Intrinium. Intrinium offers small, medium, and large businesses with a wide array of IT services that are designed to protect your vital business data from cyberattacks. Through the most advanced firewall, centralized patch, antivirus management and robust desktop and server backup solutions, employee education, and a best practice approach to IT security, Intrinium can deliver a customized IT solution to keep your business safe from cyber threats. To learn more about the steps that you can take to better protect your business, contact us online or call us at 866-461-5099 today.

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