Exchange Litigation Hold

Once in a while you may be involved in a situation where you need to preserve E-mails and keep them in an unaltered state.  The reasons may vary but the nice thing is that you can easily configure a Litigation Hold within Exchange server to accomplish this.  Litigation holds can be set on a per mailbox basis for a given amount of time and can be configured a number of ways.  If you are in need of placing all mailboxes on litigation hold you can use the following Exchange PowerShell command:

Get-mailbox | Set-Mailbox -LitigationHoldEnabled $true

This will go through all mailboxes and enable the litigation hold.  You can also verify the command was successful by selecting Recipient Configuration, select a mailbox, right click and select properties, click Mailbox Settings, Click Messaging Records Management and selected Properties and you should see a check in the “Enable Litigation Hold” box.

This is a very easy way to place a hold on all mailboxes should you need to do so.

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