Five reasons managed IT services is better than IT in-house

Five reasons managed IT services is better than IT in-house
Many small and medium-sized businesses opt to hire their own IT person or people so that they can always have someone on site in the event of a network problem. Though there’s certainly an advantage to having someone on hand at all times to troubleshoot and maintain the businesses network, keep in mind that you also have to pay that person to be at work every day even when the network is running fine. Most managed IT companies guarantee 99% uptime; so while you may not have someone on location in the event of a network problem, you can rest assured that help is nearby and you’re not having to pay IT people to hang around until there’s a problem.

Here are five more reasons you should team up with an IT services company rather than hiring IT in-house.


One of the major advantages of teaming up with a Managed Services provider is that they have the structure of a full IT department. Every process has already been perfected. Everything is systemized to make sure that their clients are being taken care of efficiently. A Managed Services provider also documents everything and keeps paperwork so even when a technician is helping you for the fourth time or the first, they know exactly what’s going on.


Another major advantage to managed IT services is the wide array of tools they have at their disposal. One of the most expensive aspects of having IT in-house is the tools. You need monitoring applications, ticketing software, antivirus, and many other management tools/software. When you team up with a Managed Services provider, you get access to all of the management tools/software without having to buy them yourself.


When you factor in the tools you need for in-house IT combined with the cost of training and employing IT people and having someone on site every hour of the work day, it can quickly extend into the hundreds of thousands. By investing in managed IT services, the cost is spread out from month-to-month to you’re not having to worry about huge up-front investments. It’s also cheaper in the long run since you’re not having to hire, train, and employee your own IT people.


No matter how large your business is or how quickly it’s growing, you still don’t have the leverage that a well-connected IT management company does. Because managed IT providers work with many different vendors and have existing relationships with them, they’re better able to push order through quickly or negotiate better contracts than your business can on its own.

Skill set

Perhaps the biggest advantage of hiring an IT management company is the skillset they bring to the table. Because they work with many clients, they have experience with multitudes of customer issues, security threats, and phishing scams. This keeps their skills honed making them far more valuable than the average in-house IT technician.

Source: Business2Community

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