Five tips for keeping your customer’s data safe this holiday season

Five tips for keeping your customer’s data safe this holiday season

The holidays are upon us and while it’s important to keep your customer’s personal data protected all year round, it’s especially critical during the holidays when it’s at most risk of being stolen. In a recent survey of IT professionals, 75% said that their organizations were vulnerable to cyber-threats and man-made disasters or incidents. Additionally, 60% believed that their organizations weren’t investing enough in IT security.

Unfortunately, resources are usually pretty limited for small and midsized businesses (SMBs) and they can’t always afford the top of the line security measures needed to keep customer data safe. Fortunately, there are managed service providers who can handle the IT security needs for many SMBs for a fixed monthly cost that is more affordable.

Here are five ways that an MSP can assist your business in keeping customer data safe while being compliant with federal regulations.


Managed service providers know a thing or two about IT security and all that knowledge can be passed on to you and your employees through a partnership with an MSP. They can discuss security dangers and teach you ways to minimize the risk of losing customer data.

Evaluate needs

MSPs have worked with numerous clients from numerous industries. They can assist you in determining what types of data need to be protected. They can help you to determine what your IT security needs are and what services you’ll need to be safe and secure.

Evaluate threats

An MSP can also help your business by regularly testing your defenses. By regularly running tests, they can determine how vulnerable your network is to a variety of cyber-threats such as malware, viruses, and other cyber-attacks. By helping you to evaluate threats, they can make sure those vulnerable areas are patched up.

Provide backup/storage solutions

Theft of customer data isn’t the only thing you have to worry about as a business owner. Human error, natural disasters, or equipment malfunction can also lead to lost data. In some cases, critical data loss could completely cripple your business and force you to close your doors. MSPs will encourage you to adopt online storage and backup services to make sure that your data is always backed up securely so you can recover important files if you ever need to.

Offer specialized services

MSPs can provide your business with a level of specialized service that no in-house IT team could offer. Because they work with so many clients, an MSP have entire teams of personnel that specialize in various aspects of IT including security and backup and storage.

Source: MSP Mentor

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