Five traits SMBs look for in a managed service provider

Five traits SMBs look for in a managed service provider

Small to midsize businesses (SMBs) often have fewer technology resources and IT staff. Because of limited resources, they’re often unable to keep up with new technologies that could help them be more successful. In order to stay competitive, many SMBs will turn to a managed service provider to get the right IT solution for them. Here are five things that SMBs look for in an IT solutions provider.

A strategic IT partner

SMBs are looking for more than just a product or service when they turn to an MSP. They want a trusted advisor in their corner that understands the technology landscape and how to best use it to help that business succeed. The want an IT solutions provider who will provide counsel and expertise in addition to products and services. Every business changes over time, business owners need an IT partner that can assist them in anticipating how their IT needs might change over time.


Small to midsize business owners already have to do it all. They don’t have the luxury of delegating a lot of the administrative work that needs to be done. One of the things they hope to delegate is IT. SMB owners are looking for an MSP who will make their life simpler by limiting the number of unnecessary meetings and by being quick and straightforward in all of their interactions.

A guide into the era of the cloud

The cloud isn’t going anywhere. It’s predicted that the cloud-computing market is going to more than double by 2018 by reaching $127 billion. As SMBs try to incorporate the cloud into the way they do business, they need a managed service provider that can act as a guide throughout the transition. MSPs that can assist SMB owners in selecting the best cloud solutions for their needs are going to be in high demand.

Expertise in security and disaster recovery

Cyber-criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated. High-profile security breaches of customer data make the news all the time. No business owner wants to be in the news because his/her customer’s data was compromised. Because SMB owners are thinking about cyber-security like never before, IT solutions providers who make security and disaster recovery a priority are going to see a lot of success.

The ability to provide holistic solutions

SMB owners aren’t interested in a one-dimensional IT solution. They want a single managed service provider who can handle every aspect of their IT needs. MSPs who offer comprehensive bundles of products and services at varying price points will see the most success in 2016 and beyond.

Source: Business Solutions

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