Following Singapore’s lead: Smart Nation

Following Singapore’s lead: Smart Nation

Singapore is a huge commercial hub and is continuing to grow at an exceedingly fast rate. One of the reasons we’ve seen so much growth in the nation is because of its Smart Nation initiative that will help to ensure the nation has as much technology as possible. The Internet of Things is a real reality in a country that has put a huge focus on making it possible for each and every citizen and business to have easy Internet access and the ability to grow technology. The real question is how can your business follow Singapore’s lead to become more technology-friendly and whether or not it is the path your business should go.

Singapore growing technology through government

The government in the small country has done 4 things, according to Your Story, to really encourage more industry growth. They include:

  1. Fibre has been introduced to every home to ensure a good, reliable connection.
  2. Startup companies that are in some way contributing to the Smart Nation concept are being given grants to help get them off the ground.
  3. There are no issues with bandwidth limits.
  4. The government has focused on initiatives and bills to ensure more cyber security.

These few things have been really good for encouraging a lot of growth in the country and have made it possible for everyone to have quick and easy access to the Internet for all products and devices they are using. A Smart Nation is much easier to reach when Internet access and security are a priority for the government.

Your business can follow these trends as well by doing things such as ensuring a fast, reliable connection. No matter how fast or slow your business grows, working with an IT managed services company can help to make sure you have enough Internet for your needs. Working with those companies also gives you a much better chance at addressing cybersecurity issues before they happen.

What is the problem?

Singapore is seeing a lot of support for a Smart Nation mentality from both its inside citizens and other countries looking to follow their lead. Government and citizens working together on a common goal will always produce excellent results. Unfortunately, there are a few issues that have been coming up that the country will need to address if it wants to proceed, most of which are related to cybersecurity.

The country needs to find a way to ensure more security in cloud-based systems. It is a problem your business may be wondering about as well given that using the cloud is becoming the norm and makes it much easier and safer to run a business. The good news is that there are many ways to protect yourself with the right professionals who know and understand how the cloud works. Singapore will likely consider hiring a full-time company to manage that security proactively.

The other issue is that there are a lot of problems when it comes to ensuring the safety of mobile devices and computers. There are an extensive number of viruses out there aimed at the devices instead of the networks because it is easier to get in and allows quick access into the networks. Make sure your devices are protected as well as the devices of all your employees in order to protect your network from getting hacked through an outside source.

Source: Your Story

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