Four reasons small businesses need managed IT services

Four reasons small businesses need managed IT services

One of the most common excuses small business owners give for not investing in managed IT services is that they’re too small to invest too much money into IT. They’ll consider it down the line when they’re bigger, they say. The problem with this mindset is that by the time they are ready to invest in managed IT services, they’ve already made a series of poor choices when it comes to their IT solutions. They might be operating on an outdated network or their security and workstations may not be up to par. When they do make the switch to managed IT, it will likely require a huge up-front investment costing tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to catch up.

Here are four reasons why small businesses shouldn’t wait to invest in managed IT services.

It costs less (in the long run)

Technology costs money. It’s a fact of life. You might as well invest in it now so that you can be assured your business is operating on a secure network and that your data is protected. Managed IT represents a fairly large investment, but the nice thing about it is that it is a fixed cost. You can plan it into your budget and regardless of what happens that month regarding IT, your cost remains the same. It’s much better to invest in managed IT each month that to save that money, and as a result, lose critical data.

It’s more flexible and seamless

Managed IT services simplify your IT needs. You have fewer users on your network. When your network or infrastructure needs to be upgraded or downgraded, the process is much simpler and pain-free that it would be without managed IT.

You become compliant

A major fear of every business owner is that they may be audited by the government. Businesses are held to a high standard when it comes to protecting the sensitive information of their customers. Businesses whose antivirus or security services aren’t up to par can face stiff penalties. When a business is found to be not in compliance with federal or state regulations, the fines alone can cause a business to have to close its doors. With managed IT services, you no longer have to worry about audits. Your IT services provider will make sure you’re in compliance with federal and state regulations.

It’s more efficient

In place of managed IT services, many small businesses will have their own IT people in-house or they may opt for a small outsourced provider that doesn’t have the proper tools to manage your system fully. Managed IT service providers invest hundreds of thousands of dollars for top-of-the-line tools that allow them to fully and proactively manage your network. There’s no comparison between a fully managed IT service and an in-house IT solution or small outsourced provider.

Source: Business2Community

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