Getting to know, Nolan Garrett, Founder and CEO at Intrinium

Getting to know, Nolan Garrett, Founder and CEO at Intrinium

Intrinium is an organization that believes in putting people first. From our employees to clients, we believe that happy people are critical to the success, productivity, and profitability of the business. Our leaders are dynamic and vibrant individuals who bring much more to our company than just their technical expertise. Over the next few weeks, we will share some of our leaders’ contributions, passions and what keeps them going both in and out of the office.    

Nolan Garrett, our CEO, is the Founder of Intrinium. In 2007, he decided to form the company after spending several years as an Information Security consultant and as an IS&T Examiner for the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions for Credit Unions. Nolan’s experience with credit unions naturally transitioned into the fold of Intrinium and still represents a core vertical of our business.   

Nolan’s passion for technology began as a young child when his Dad brought home his first computer. He has been a tech nerd ever since. Beyond just the technical elements of the industry, he has developed a deep interest in building successful, vibrant businessesespecially the leadership and mentoring aspects of the work. He finds immense value in helping others reach their technical and/or leadership potential while also navigating the complex challenges of a consulting and services organizationHe finds the constantly changing Information Security landscape interesting and enjoys solving the challenges it creates.  

Nolan spends a lot of time on the road, which gives him the opportunity to dive into books on his Kindle. He is a voracious reader of the newest and greatest book on business, and our industry. He is very interested in keeping abreast of upcoming changes and understanding how our industry is changing or how to approach managing a business that might improve us. When he is local the free time that he has either spent building drones, improving the automation of his home, traveling on new adventures, brewing beer, or playing video gamesNolan is a gamer at heart and has a few all-time favorites, Dragon Age is high on his list, as are most of the Halo series, Borderlands, and Baldur’s Gate. In his alter ego, superhero life, he would be Batman but, Deadpool has come in close over the past few yearsAnd, when he is not plugged in, his trusty Chocolate Labrador, Harley Quinn gets lots of love.  I guess, he has always wanted to be Batman after all?  

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