Getting to know, Pat Atwal, VP, Operations at Intrinium

Getting to know, Pat Atwal, VP, Operations at Intrinium

Intrinium is an organization that believes in putting people first. From our employees to clients, we believe that happy people are critical to the success, productivity, and profitability of the business. Our leaders are dynamic and vibrant individuals who bring much more to our company than just their technical expertise. Over the next few months, we will share some of our leaders’ contributions, passions and what keeps them going both in and out of the office.

Pat Atwal, Vice President, Operations joined our leadership team in July of 2018. Pat was allured to Intrinium after meeting the vibrant and enthusiastic Executive Leadership team that expressed their unwavering loyalty to the mission. Her mark on Intrinium was quickly made, with her eloquent leadership of the Sales team, they experienced exponential business growth in her short tenure. Positioned appropriately for further impact, Pat celebrated one year with Intrinium this month and is quickly settling into her new title as VP, Operations. The fast-paced environment and consistent challenge keeps Pat on her toes and wanting more dynamic and collaborative teamwork.

Like much of the Intrinium family, Pat spends much of her free time with her family, friends and two playful and affectionate dogs, Teddy, a Shih Tzu Maltese mix and Luna, the lovable, beautiful black lab. Originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, her family made Spokane home after a move from Seattle some years back. The community continues to pay her dividends as she appreciates the environment and balance that Spokane offers to her busy family.

If everything was to change tomorrow and the Mega Millions offered the ability for her to retreat to leisure, she would become an avid world traveler with her family, taking the time to immerse themselves in the local culture. From a philanthropic standpoint, since Law School, she has had an affinity to assist disadvantaged people to gain access to higher education. She was fortunate enough to have the opportunities for educational advancement and wanted to offer that to others so, when she was not traveling, she would love to spend time giving back to organizations that believe in offering people access to education. In the meantime, Pat will continue to spend her free time chipping away at her stack of books and continuing to learn and grow in the budding InfoSec space until she hits the Mega Millions!

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