How to Choose the Best Managed IT Service Provider for Your Company

How to Choose the Best Managed IT Service Provider for Your Company

If your small business or mid-sized company has decided to hire a Managed IT Services provider, you’ve made a smart choice that can increase the stability of your IT infrastructure, making services more reliable and more cost-effective. This can ultimately lead to increased productivity and performance in other areas of your organization.

There are a lot of service providers you could engage to provide IT leadership in a Managed IT Services environment; don’t make the mistake of thinking they are all the same. Here are five key factors to evaluate as you consider and ultimately select the best Managed IT Service provider for your company:

1. Predictability

When it comes to your IT network and the team behind it, you need predictability. After all, your network is the backbone of your entire company helping ensure operations continue to run smoothly. How will the services providers you are considering ensure continuity and predictability both in the services they provide and in the performance of your IT systems? Look for a provider who is able to share and demonstrate how they ensure a predictable experience for their customers.

2. Credibility

Ask the providers you are considering how many IT services professionals they have on staff and what types of certifications those professionals have earned. Has the company been in business for a number of years, helping other companies’ maintain their IT infrastructure? Any start-up company can claim to offer predictable and reliable Managed IT Services. However, if they don’t have a track record to back up those claims, it can be difficult to evaluate them.

You should also ensure that the employees of any provider you are considering are bound by strict codes of ethics and confidentiality.

3. Follow-Through and Reliability

You also need to be comfortable and confident in the level of responsiveness and service you will receive from your Managed IT Services provider. Do they offer support by certified professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays? Find out what type of solutions they offer to ensure your data is backed up, verified and tested so you can rest easy knowing you’ll have reliable, seamless service and follow-through when you need it.

4. Trust

Do the providers you are considering have experience working with other companies in your industry, and can they provide references on request? Certain industries, such as financial services, have unique needs when it comes to IT services. Knowing that a provider is helping other companies meet those needs can help give you added peace of mind that they can effectively handle your industry’s and organization’s needs too.

5. Consultative for Infrastructure Projects

Finally, when evaluating potential services providers, look for someone you can count on for all things “network”, who can provide thought leadership and Best Practices recommendations. When you choose a provider who can help you formulate and execute your long-term IT strategy, you can focus on what you do best: running your business.

Intrinium Information Technology Solutions Can Help

Your choice of a Managed IT Services provider can impact your small or medium-sized business’ performance – either positively or negatively. It’s important to carefully evaluate potential providers to ensure they have the capability to effectively meet your organization’s needs.

Intrinium has developed a reputation as an exceptional Managed IT Services provider. To learn more, and to discover how we can help, contact us online, or call us at 866-461-5099 today.

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