How to get started in the cloud

How to get started in the cloud

It is no secret that the world is transitioning to more online access and cloud-based technology, and it is definitely important to get your business started in the cloud. The problem is that once you have decided to get on board in the cloud, you may not necessarily know how to get started, especially with something that is so vast and encompasses so much stuff. Here are some tips for getting your business started in the cloud.

Start with just one project

You may want to immediately jump in and start doing all your projects in the cloud immediately, but that can be overwhelming and cause a lot of problems. An easier way is to transition slowly, starting with just one project. According to Healthcare IT News, starting with one pilot program will help you get a better feel of how you can use the technology, so you’ll have more success as you move forward with other problems.

Test out something free: Google

Google Docs work entirely in the cloud and can be set up with a free Gmail account. This is the first real taste you can get of how seamlessly your company can work together online. The docs, sheets, or other projects are automatically saved as they are edited, and multiple people can be in editing the docs at the same time. Start by just creating one doc, share it with some friends, and experiment with editing options, according to Read Write. Real-time collaboration is one of the best ways to work in groups as a business and makes it easier for management to track employee progress since they constantly have access to the work that is being done.

Get a cloud-based spreadsheet program

Spreadsheets are essential in a business because they track organization and help you to commute data. A lot of different options are available, including Google Sheets, SpreadsheetLive, Smartsheet, Quickbase, and more. Google is a great place to start because it is free and has the features mentioned above, but there are limitations to the program that you won’t find with other options. By finding a spreadsheet program that you like that fits all your company’s needs, you’ll be able to start moving your spreadsheet data onto the cloud to keep it secure and easy to access for all employees.

Switch out to QuickBooks online

Most companies are using QuickBooks already, but all that information is being stored on internal servers. In the event of a disaster that destroys your brick and mortar location, that QuickBooks data with all your customer information needs to be available online. The other great feature about using it in the cloud is that you can connect it to other programs for more efficiency, including ones such as Salesforce and WebTurboTax. By connecting all these programs together, you are able to more seamlessly manage your company’s finances and your sales programs.

Of course, your company’s goal is to eventually get 100% paperless and completely on the cloud, but sometimes it takes one step at a time to really get there in the easiest and most efficient manner.



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