HP 6110 All-In-One mirror image problem

Here’s an interesting one we came across yesterday. When the client(s) printed to the HP 6110 it printed the page as a mirror image. The printer was attached to a XP Pro machine on the network. Yes, the mirror image check box was NOT checked in the properties. It took awhile on the first workstation to figure out but here’s what we did to solve the problem.

Delete the printer on the workstation the printer is attached to and search the registry for 6100. In our case there was two separate keys for the hp6110 we had to delete.  Make sure the key is specific to the HP printer. Now reboot the workstation. Once it has rebooted, you can then re-install the printer.

You are not done yet because that did not fix the issue on the network workstations. We had to repeat the same process on each network workstation. Delete the printer, scour the registry, reboot, and re-install. Why did it start doing that? We don’t know. Something corrupted the driver apparently. Why HP doesn’t remove the registry entries either is unfathomable. In our case we had to remove the entries to get the mirror image printing to stop. Deleting the printer and re-installing did not work for us.

Hope this helps you out.

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