ICVerify installation issues

So you’ve installed ICVerify. Your here because you’ve run into some installation issues. We’ve documented a couple solutions to problems that gave us hours of headaches. Simple solutions when you read them but if you’ve never used the software and tried getting help via their support well…. your here. Having said that ICVerify is a decent product once it’s setup and you get the necessary steps down to manage it.

We’re assuming you’ve installed the software on the C: drive in a MasterSubstation setup. In this setup  z: is the mapped drive on the Master station and t: is the drive on the subs mapped to the master. This particular installation was in a simple five workstation workgroup not a domain.

The standard disclaimer applies. This was our experience your mileage may vary.

A good one to know.
Connection to MSSQL:
<master workstation name>icv

Installing the Sub-Station

Install ICVerify for Windows only.

Copy icverify.SET from <master workstation name>(Master)
Map T: to <master workstation name>ICVerifyICVer403
Multiple Set up change to t: and connect.

In ICVerify options set workstation #, Drive = t, ReqDir = t:<path to reqdir>

ICVerify Troubleshooting

Problem: Substations cannot connect to master.
Resolution: Verify the icvlm32.exe process is running in the task manager on the master station.

1. Right click on your taskbar and select “Task Manager”
2. If it’s not running run the ICVerify Multi-User program
3. If it IS running click it and hit the “End Process” button at the bottom.
4. Run the ICVerify Multi-User program
1.In the Multi-User program verify the Request Directory is pointed at z:ICWin403reqdir NOT c:ICWin403reqdir. Note the z: and the c:, c: is wrong and the program likes to change it on you. ICVerify at the time of this writing did not know why it does that….
5. Once you’ve verified the path then click the “Initialize” button. Leave minimized on the Master
6. Go to the sub station, log out and close the program if it’s open, and log in again.

Problem: User is already logged in or the program ended unexpectedly. The program thinks the user is “logged in” but they really aren’t.
Resolution: On the master log into the ICVerify User Manager. Select the login tab. You should see that user as logged in. Click on the user and log them off.

Misc. Notes

All paths in the Master ICVerify programs need to be pointed at the z: drive. Z: is the mapped drive on the master pointing at the c:ICVerify directory. Disregard ICVerify support telling you to use c:. We were told both ways depending on what day we called. Use your mapped drive letter. Trust us.

Once logged into the sub-stations you verify the paths under Edit -> Options -> Substation tab. The “Master Station Drive” should be T. The “Request File Path” should be t:icwin403reqdir.

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