Incident Response – The First 48

Presentation by Nolan Garrett – April 13, 2017 – INTERFACE Alaska

“We’ve been hacked!” A phrase that no one, in any organization, ever wants to hear. In this discussion, filled with in-the-field anecdotes, Nolan Garrett shared his experience and took the audience through the first 48 hours after a data breach — Including specifically, what to do and what *not* to do!

These questions and more were answered in this interactive discussion:

  • Quick Incident Response Tips
  • How to create a good Incident Response plan
  • Mistakes people make in the first 48 hours

Download the presentation by clicking here.


Download the Presentation Slides

Download the slides from Nolan Garrett’s presentation titled Incident Response – The First 48 and learn what to do and what *not* to do if you’ve been hacked!




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