Increased scalability with the cloud

Increased scalability with the cloud

There are a million reasons why businesses are moving their companies over to the cloud. There is more accessibility to your company’s files, and it provides safety in the event of a hard drive crashing or a disaster destroying all your equipment. If for some reason you can’t get to work, such as a flight delay, roadblock, or sickness, then at least you can still work. But the most important reason why your company should get into the cloud is that it gives you more opportunity for scalability.

Scaling your company

One of the biggest challenges to scaling your business is that it is ridiculously expensive. The cost of buying new equipment and programs for a new employee is really expensive. With the cloud, though, you can get less heavy-duty equipment because everything will run on the cloud, and all your programs can run through the cloud without having to purchase an individual license for every employee at the company. You’ll be saving yourself a lot of money. Plus, anytime you update company programs or systems, it can be done easily from a central location instead of having to go to every employee’s desk and updating their computers.

Another thing you might see is a huge increase in customers who are using your services. You may not necessarily need to get more employees to handle them if you can scale your server’s ability to work with them. This is applicable to any company that uses customer portals or online services. One example is Netflix, according to Info World. The company has used the cloud to offer service with real time recommendations to customers, but a huge part of working in the cloud has allowed Netflix to obtain as many customers as possible and still run its system without any problems. You too can get more and more customers, whether fast or slow, and will have the room to store their information and run your programs because space in the cloud can be infinite.

Is it worth it?

Getting your company set up on the cloud can take many months of planning and preparation. You need to coordinate your efforts with a managed IT service provider in order to make sure all of your programs will still run as needed on the cloud platform and that you have all equipment needed to make it work. On top of that, you’ll have to spend time training your employees how to use the cloud and will have to transition them from their current routine of work (which is never easy for a business). Your managed IT service provider can certainly ease the pain of this transition, but it will still be a lot of work to do so without major problems. So many companies are wondering if all the hassle is really worth it. The truth is that there’s no way around it. We are moving more towards technology, not away from it, meaning at some point, you are going to have to do it anyway. At least if you do it now, you’ll be able to start reaping the benefits of the cloud sooner.


Source: InfoWorld

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