Information Security Challenges CISOs Will Face in 2018

Information Security Challenges CISOs Will Face in 2018

Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) face an ever-changing landscape of potential threats; would-be attackers are becoming increasingly active and creative in their attempts. CISOs in any industry need to ensure their company’s systems and defenses are designed to address a variety of issues and risks.

CISOs should ask themselves the following questions as they seek to enhance their security efforts to protect their organizations:

Are Your Information Security Systems Prepared to Fend Off Ransomware Attacks and Zero-Day Exploits?

Your endpoint protection, anti-malware tools, vulnerability management and recovery processes must be ready at all times to effectively stave off would-be criminals who are intent on exploiting systems vulnerabilities. If you aren’t certain your existing efforts are up to the task of preventing malware attacks or zero-day exploits, it’s time to review and make needed changes.

What Impact Will Domestic and Global Regulatory Changes Have on Information Security?

Effective CISOs of U.S. companies are attuned to changing regulatory compliance requirements in their industries in addition to federal lawmaking. Potential legislation in the U.S. Senate includes a five-year prison sentence for anyone within a corporation who tries to hide evidence of a data breach.

For businesses with an international footprint, global regulatory changes need to be on the radar screen too. Companies that use data for EU residents must ensure their systems and information security protocols comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In light of these (and potential industry regulatory changes), CISOs must review information security and incident response policies with an eye toward making any appropriate adjustments to accommodate these new regulations.

What Threats do Internet-of-Things (IoT) Devices Pose to the Company?

Any time a non-corporate device is brought into the workplace and connected to the corporate IT infrastructure, there is a risk that a vulnerability in the device could be exploited, giving attackers access to your systems and data.

CISOs should review their BYOD policies and ensure threat detection processes could effectively identify breaches.

How Can Artificial Intelligence Improve the Company’s Information Security Program?

When an information security event occurs, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can play a key role in helping CISOs and their teams analyze information, identify potential vulnerabilities and detect anomalies.

If your organization is not already leveraging the power of AI and ML, consider that hackers and intruders are using it. AI and ML allow hackers to hit more targets in a shorter amount of time, and to be more adept at social engineering by mining large amounts of data that is already in the public domain and on social networks.

Implementing AI and ML solutions can help your company stay one step ahead of would-be attackers by making it easier to mine your own data. This, in turn, can help you spot patterns and address them quickly.

Should Our Organization Consider Outsourcing Managed Security or Other IT Functions?

Risks are growing but available expertise is in short supply and high demand. It is estimated that there will be a global shortage of skilled information security professionals, to the tune of two million too few workers, by 2019. Outsourcing aspects of your company’s information security program, such as managed firewall protection and security information event management, can give your business access to the knowledgeable, skilled and experienced IT professionals, tools and services you need, without having to put full-time personnel on the payroll.

Managed security services can help protect company, employee and customer information in a cost-effective way, giving the organization access to the latest threat-detection tools and capabilities.

Information Security Has Never Been More Important. Is Your Organization Prepared?

CISOs face an ever-changing landscape of potential threats; identifying potential issues and challenges is the first step in addressing those threats head-on.

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