Interlink & Intrinium Merge

We are pleased to announce that Interlink and Intrinium, another local technology company, have merged. Although we could have chosen either name, after much thought and deliberation, we decided to move forward under the Intrinium name. The Intrinium name is unique, and that matters when you have a strong national brand.

Our staff and locations are not changing. We will have new members of the team, but the people that you know will still be here to serve your needs. You’ll still be able to reach us in the manner which you are comfortable, and get the high-quality services you are accustomed to.

This merger brings new capabilities to Interlink including security management, more resources for your projects or potential IT emergencies, and more expertise in more products. We will also have a fully staffed Network Operations Center. With our combined staff, you are now working with one of the most accredited and certified providers in the Northwest, with more services offerings than ever before!

Kirt Runolfson, Founder and President of Interlink, and Nolan Garrett, Founder and Chief Architect of Intrinium, will be running Intrinium as Founders. We are both very excited to continue to grow Intrinium and expand and improve our services.


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