What is an Internal Vulnerability Test?

What is an Internal Vulnerability Test?

Chiara Morrison – Manager, Marketing Intrinium LinkedIn

What is an Internal Vulnerability Test?

The Intrinium Internal Vulnerability Assessment evaluates IT security from the inside of your organization and identifies critical vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers that have phished your employees, installed malware, or gained access to your network.

This test is performed collaboratively with a privileged network account that can identify vulnerabilities that other scanners miss.

This approach is critical in identifying issues such as:

  • Unpatched operating systems
  • Insecure server configurations
  • Default passwords
  • Unpatched third-party applications
  • Vulnerability to Man-In-The-Middle Attacks

Even though this blog is focused on Internal Vulnerability Tests, it is important to note that Intrinium also has the capabilities to execute External Vulnerability Tests as well.

What is the value of an Internal Vulnerability Test?

The Internal Vulnerability Test allows your organization to understand and remediate vulnerabilities against unintentional attacks, intentional inside attacks along with viruses, malware and other outside attacks that were able to breach the network.

What will be provided when the Internal Vulnerability Test is complete?

Following the Vulnerability Test, a full report will be provided outlining the weaknesses identified, along with actionable remediation strategies. This is presented as both an executive summary that describes in layman’s terms what the weaknesses are and what should be done about them, as well as a detailed technical document to be shared with your IT team. The final reporting outline will identify actionable recommendations to remediate findings and align with industry best practice.

Who at Intrinium performs the Internal Vulnerability Test?

At Intrinium, our Security Consulting team executes the Internal Vulnerability Test. However, it is important to note that the Security Consulting team is just one department in the Intrinium infrastructure.

Beyond the Security Consulting team, we provide Managed Security Services as well as Service Desk Support, which means our team of certified and knowledgeable professionals are consistently engaging, monitoring and protecting hundreds of infrastructures, networks, and verticals daily. So, we are best suited to anticipate and advise risks in a meaningful and applicable way.

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