Internet of Things: Is your business protected?

Internet of Things: Is your business protected?

The Internet of Things is a term that refers to products used to make our lives easier through internet access and technological advances. It includes anything and everything from smartwatches to smart cars to smart home security systems. You may not even realize how many of these items you are now using in your home and in your office on a regular basis.

Every time you buy a new device that uses internet technology, you are allowing for potential security flaws through those items, so it is important to know what the potential security flaws might be and address them to ensure the security of your business and home.

Why are there security flaws?

All of the items in the internet of things category are still fairly new, and we all know that new items are going to have flaws worked out over time. The bigger problem is that the companies intend to create software patches to update these items to fix security flaws but often don’t ever get around to doing it, according to SCO. It seems like the companies are more concerned with interfering with their customer base than they are with fixing problems with their devices.

On top of that, hackers are more likely to focus on devices and platforms that are really common and can hit a lot of people at once. There are more and more devices being put into the internet of things, which makes them bigger targets.

Cybercrime is becoming a bigger and bigger issue the more we are switching to a society where everything is on the online; even all of our important data is being stored online in the cloud. And on top of that, criminals don’t have to leave their homes to commit the crime.

Protecting your business

As your business grows, there’s not way to really avoid the internet of things. Not to mention, the newest technology for controlling your security system and home automation are really cool. They make it way easier to keep track of everything going on at your company and for you to control it all remotely from your smartphone. Rather than staying away from the completely, here’s a couple of things you can do to protect yourself.

Work with professionals to ensure the security of those devices. If you have a professional company watching your back, they will make sure to watch for and notify you immediately of potential security flaws in the system. They will make sure you have already protected your wifi network securely enough to ensure nobody breaks into those devices through the internet connection as well.

Another thing to do is to research the devices you are purchasing and check to see how those companies have handled security breaches in the past. It should be fairly easy to find what you are looking for and determine whether or not those companies you are working with are going to work hard to protect your information and keep hackers out.

Source: CSO

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