IT Helps Businesses Go a Long Way

IT Helps Businesses Go a Long Way

In today’s age, it’s all about technology, and there’s no exception for businesses. In the past, large companies with vast financial resources had been the ones who could really tap into technological advances to make things run smoother for employees and clients. But with current tech trends, small companies have an opportunity to keep up with those in the big league. And those companies are finding significant improvements by keeping up on the latest tech trends.

The most significant of those trends: the cloud.

Moving to the Cloud

One of the biggest advantages for small businesses is that the working on the cloud is relatively cheaper than having a large on-site data storage center. Rather than spending money and space on storage, businesses can move to the cloud for all their storage needs. While most cloud services offer a free version for a limited quantity of storage, companies can upgrade their online storage to fit their needs, and whatever price that may be, it’ll still be cheaper and more efficient than storing locally.

Not only is it cheaper, but cloud options provide easy and fast access to system updates and new technology. Since the cloud is online, updates are automatic and advances in the program are immediately taken into affect. No longer does every employee have to download a new program update or install a new version of a file to have whatever is latest. Cloud support has the updates and improvements implemented on a continual basis.

And with the cloud, everyone can get access to the information they need. Using the cloud makes working more efficient for everyone. Imagine working on a document with a group of employees: First everyone has to receive the file, then you have to be able to work separately as needed, then bring those individual work tasks together for a collaborative result. Talk about an email/disk-sharing/paper-swap mess. With cloud services, everyone can work on a  project at the same time, with the same access to resources, providing a clear path to a collaborative result.

The Cloud Adoption Revolution

The benefits of working on the cloud are not going unnoticed. A 2015 report by Intuit and Emergent Research estimates that by 2020, 78 percent of all business will “fully adapted” into the cloud. And that’s because the benefits of working in the cloud are significant for any organization, especially for small businesses. The report specifically mentions the cloud advantages of cheaper start-up and maintenance costs, enhanced customer acquisition and support, greater access to technology and resources, and more enabled platforms and systems. Simply said, “The cloud is redefining the small business playing field.” So for businesses, small and large, it’s time to join the cloud revolution.


Source: BizTech

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