IT Management and March Madness

IT Management and March Madness

March brings one of the most popular athletic events in the United States—March Madness. 64 NCAA basketball teams started the tournament Thursday, playing to further their postseason and show off their talents to the millions of people watching. Every team is vying for the respected title of national champions. As more and more games are played, more and more people are watching, and less and less work is getting done.

How March Madness Affects the Workplace

With streaming games as easy as turning on a TV or pulling out a smartphone or tablet, every year, companies are questioning how much is getting done, or rather how much work isn’t getting done. Challenger, Gray, and Christmas, Inc. has created a report analyzing the loss of productivity due to March Madness. As a whole, they anticipate that March Madness will cost employers 1.3 billion dollars per hours in productivity loss. Challenger states, “Let’s conservatively assume that workers will spend at least one hour putting together their office pool brackets, and then at least two more hours streaming games during the workday on Thursday and Friday. That’s about $3.9 billion in lost wages paid to unproductive workers in the first week of the Tournament.” That’s just in the first two rounds of the bracket—that doesn’t even take into consideration the games of the Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, Final Four, and National Championship. But companies say that if they try and prevent people from watching the games, morale within the company will diminish. So is there an option that balances keeping employee morale and keeping up productivity? You bet there is—IT Management.

Handle the Madness of March with IT Management Solutions

Information technology solutions is the way to handle all business needs, no matter how big or small. If you’re worried about productivity loss, Intrinium promises to guide you and your business in organization efficiency and maintaining growth, working to deliver the project the client needs on time and within budget. By providing expertise in cloud solutions, IT management, security and compliance, and backup and storage, Intrinium can help you and your company stay focused during March Madness and every other month.

Generally, the advantages of IT Management Solutions are countless. IT Management provides expert advice on all your IT needs. They look for solutions to future problems to maintain efficiency. They provide clear communication to help you with projects needing any type of IT expertise. Such services are also cost efficient because companies can receive continual reliable support, looking out for any problems that can arise.  If problems come about without IT management support, it can cost client trust and employee productivity, or even financial repercussions. So with all that goes on in every business, don’t let the madness of March put you over the edge—make efficiency and reliability a constant within any company with IT management solutions.

Source: CNBC

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