Konica Minolta bizhub 350 won’t scan to share after server password change. ED09C7

We recently ran into this issue at a new customers location. On our initial site discovery we changed the administrator password on the windows server. Standard procedure when changing IT companies. Later that day the client discovered that the scan to network share function was broken on their Konica Minolta Bizhub 350.

Well we assumed that it had to be because we changed the password. No problem right? Right, if your a printer tech for an office equipment firm. Well we went out there and logged into the administrator management to find the account settings and change the password. It wasn’t there so we called the firm that installed the copier and they told us where to find the scanner settings after explaining the problem. No problem, we found the scanner settings and no where is there any user account settings for the scanner. Remember this was a scanner problem.

We then second guessed our original theory and went to the windows server for answers. The first place we looked was the security tab in the event viewer. That is where windows logs successful/unsuccessful connections. No unsuccessful connections logged by the copier. It appeared as if the copier wasn’t even hitting the server. So we started at the physical layer and worked our way up.

The copier was definitely on the network and able to communicate. Users were printing to it as we worked. We could ping the server, the server could ping the copier. By IP and by name. Not a DNS problem either. We could print to the copier from the server. They definitely saw and could communicate with each other so back to the control panel on the copier. Nothing in any settings that could remotely relate to the scanner or network was helpful. All settings verified and checked out. The scan share was accessible by everyone so we made our second phone call to the copier tech.

He had me go under jobs and list them which showed a TX error. ED09C7. He looked up the error code and it was a user authentication error. So our original theory was correct. Changing the admin password broke the scanning. Ok, great now where do you find the user account settings? Why in User Settings of course NOT the administrator management. Ok, makes sense. The full path to find the user name and password is as follows.

User Setting -> FAX -> OneTouch -> -> Destination -> user password.

Well of course! Go to the FAX settings for a SCANNER issue. Wow! I believe I may never have found it without the call to the tech or some googling. FAX…… The copier was set to use SMB to talk to the server so of course a user name and password had to be used to authenticate on the server. The question then arises why was the failed authentication not recorded in event viewer?

We updated the password and bingo it worked. We hope this saves you a little time in fixing this error.

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